i love creating clever digital software


A student looking for a 6-month internship from July 2017:

◦ Able to work on interfaces, servers and data

◦ Best assets: coherence and versatility

◦ Worst flaws: please contact me!

Projects I worked on

I used to list here all projects I worked on. Time passed by, some were lost, some outdated

The quantity of energy needed to update and maintain servers, links, and debug debious ones being superior to the profits, I decided to keep only one case study which summaries what I have learned so far. My latest and favorite work: Phœnix.


Addiction Care 2.0

Phœnix is an award-winning tool for addiction care. It helps patients reducing or stoping their consumption and is complementary to regular addiction care.

When a patient has a craving, Phœnix identifies the context and offers the best strategy to help him avoid this intense longing.

Phoenix UX from craving to strategy

The application then sends data to the usual addictologist, whom can follow the patient's evolution.

Phoenix UX of medical interface

A summary of my skills

The team is multi-disciplinary (both technical and medical) and we won an award @NewHealth's 2016 eHealth convention. This award sealed our commitment to this great adventure.

Being the only developer, this project solicits many of my skills, thus it crystallizes what I've learned so far.

◦ Definition of MVP features and versioning

◦ Teaching non-technical people about the full potential of modern IT.

◦ Cross-device mobile development – Ionic2

◦ Regular website development for the medical interface

◦ Data visualisations for the medical interface

◦ Secure backend development – Django

◦ Machine Learning – Multi Armed Bandit, Python